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  • ""Hi, Doctor Michelle, remember me? You saved my life. When my family brought me in for you to put me to sleep, you could not do it, you said I was a good dog. Instead you called Illinois Cocker Rescue and saved my life. Thank You for giving me a second chance for happiness.""
    Timmy B.
  • ""Dr.Radwanski, I wanted to thank you for all the time you spent with us and Roscoe. Thanks for calling and checking on him and putting up with all my calls. Thanks for being there when we needed you.""
    Sandy D.
  • ""Dr.Radwanski,thank you so much for taking care of me. I know mommy gets a little crazy sometimes but she is a first time puppy owner. Also, my new food is pretty good. Thanks again and you are my favorite doc.""
    Joanie H.
  • ""Dear Doctor Radwanski, I could not let this go without letting you know how much it meant to us for your care of Murphy. You showed compassion in caring for him till the end and loved him as much as we do. Plus, he knew it. You are a special person and made our loss more bearable. ""
    Murphy C.
  • ""We wanted to thank you for everything you did for Spooky and our family. Dr.Michelle,you are an excellent vet. Your professionalism and compassion helped us through this. We will miss Spooky.""
    Mary W.
  • ""Brandy was always eager to go see her favorite vet, Dr.Radwanski. Thank you for the special care you gave her. We feel fortunate that you were there for us all these past years!""
    Becky L.
  • ""Dr.Radwanski,thank you so much for taking such good care of Bo and helping me get through a difficult time! ""
    Laura E.
  • ""Thank you for being such an amazing vet to Yoda, Boo, and Kringle. Dr.Radwanski, your compassion for our girls has always made our visits easier for us.""
    Vicki P.
  • ""I can not thank you enough for the skills and compassionate care that you provided Ella. The world is truly a better place with you in it, Dr.Radwanski.""
    Carl M.
  • ""Thank you for making us so comfortable with you. Dr.Radwanski, you were right, I think she would have kept fighting no matter how much pain she was in. Thank you for touching her life and you made her more comfortable and relaxed. She was a miracle dog and we loved her very much.""
    Bob H.
  • ""God Bless you for your caring heart, Dr.Radwanski. St.Francis must be smiling down on you.""
    Karen G.
  • ""I wanted to thank you Dr.Radwanski for your many many years of loving care of Emma and Sassy too, and your wonderful supportive friendship too.""
    Elaine P.
  • ""It is with great gratitude that I say to you Dr.Radwanski that you have been wonderful to Annie and taken care of her with utmost seriousness and loving affection.""
    Sue R.
  • ""We can not say thank you enough for your kindness and care of Wrigley. You helped us keep her healthy and supported us as we said goodbye Dr.Michelle.We are grateful.""
    Jennifer N.
  • ""Dear Doctor Radwanski, There are no words to express my appreciation for all you have done for Hana. She loved you very much. There are very few people in this world that are truly following their calling. You are definitely one of them. God has given you a gift and we were lucky enough to have found you and benefit from that gift. Hana and I could not have gone through this without you. Thank you for all your patience and kindness.I have put a picture of Hana. It is my favorite and how I will always remeber her.""
    Deb G.
  • ""Dear Dr.Radwanski, Thank you for talking about pets and the funny things cats and dogs swallow. Thank you for the spectacular x-rays and pebbles and worms we saw. It was funny when you dressed up Noah and Gabby as doctors. You have the best job in the world. When I grow up, I want to be a veterinarian too.""
    The girl in the white shirt
  • ""We thank you for taking care of Baron and helped him through his surgery Dr.Radwanski. We appreciate the care he had.""
    Jimmy M.
  • ""Dear Dr.Michelle, Thank you for making me more comfortable in my home. I love to sleep on the couch and stare out the window. I could not have done it without you.""
    Hobbes S.
  • "Dr.G and Kathy are amazing people. Dr.G's skill with animals is beyond amazing."
    Helena H.
  • "Dr. G and Kathy are amazing. Dr G. removed a tumor from my dogs lower eyelid and did a fantastic job."
    Jeanne S.

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